Upgrade to cygwin 1.7 seemed to trash bash profile, path

Aaron Humphrey alfvaen@gmail.com
Fri May 29 12:19:00 GMT 2009

So, in the end, reinstalling didn't do much.  And I got a bunch of
"Cannot open (null) for reading" (error not guaranteed to be
accurate), usually when it was trying to install gzipped man pages or
something.  (Times like these I wonder why I persist in downloading
every cygwin package on the mirror when I use only a fraction of them.
 Compulsive behaviour, I guess.)

In any case, I was able to fix the problem by recreating /etc/profile
from /etc/skel.  Why /etc/profile got trashed by the upgrade to 1.7, I
don't know, but apparently it did.  So now I once again have PATH
initialized properly and my bash prompt looks normal.

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