email package needs openssl dependency

Scott Wegner
Wed May 27 01:37:00 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I have installed the 'email' utility from the a standard Cygwin 1.5  
install; the only package I have included from the repositories  
outside of the defaults is 'email'.  However, when I try to use the  
email program, I get an error about a missing cygcrypto DLL.  From  
reading other messages on the mailing list, it's apparent that this is  
included in the openssl package.

It seems like the openssl package should therefore be installed as a  
dependency when the email program is selected.  I would mark this as a  
bug in the email packaging.

This happens in a standard Windows XP x86 environment, with Cygwin  
up-to-date as of this week.


Scott Wegner

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