Static linking issue under cygwin.

Dave Korn
Sun May 24 02:06:00 GMT 2009

Vladimir A. Petrov wrote:
>> with embedded spaces because they subject them to unquoted shell handling,
>> which treats the space as a word-separator.  So, it's not "worse", but it is
>> "unusual and therefore less well tested and therefore more prone to bugs".
> Guys, we are talking not about good and bad paths, 

  Err, yes we are.  You explicitly asked this question:

> By the way
> why "Program Files" directory is worse than others if it easily can be
> accessed by the fully qualified path?

so I answered it.

> but about some
> Cygwin issue that is also reproducible on the different istall with
> the different set of libraries. Take a look at my initial message at
> the end.

  We already answered that in the first two posts before we even got onto this
side track.


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