Static linking issue under cygwin.

Dave Korn
Sat May 23 20:12:00 GMT 2009

Vladimir A. Petrov wrote:
> By the way
> why "Program Files" directory is worse than others if it easily can be
> accessed by the fully qualified path? Try to say that it is strange
> enough to the PostgreSQL guys, they are decided to put their libs
> there, not I, I've just used default installetion paths. :-)

  There's nothing *intrinsically* worse about it, it's just a directory path
like any other... except not quite like any other, because (on Linux anyway)
it's actually pretty rare to have a space in a directory path, and lots and
lots of scripts and utilities fall down badly when they try dealing with paths
with embedded spaces because they subject them to unquoted shell handling,
which treats the space as a word-separator.  So, it's not "worse", but it is
"unusual and therefore less well tested and therefore more prone to bugs".


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