Rsync question on version 3.0.4

Jan Alphenaar
Sat May 23 08:47:00 GMT 2009

Hi everybody,

I have just downloaded the latest version of rsync (3.0.4) available via the
CygWin setup tool.

Unfortunately, it does not behave as expected. I would appreciate if anybody
can give me a hand with this issue.

When I copy over a directory from my server to my local pc with rsync, it is
not possible to open the local directory, though the directory on the server
is fully accessable for everybody. I never experienced this with any older
version (2.6.9) of rsync. Windows gives me a 'Permission Denied'.

This is the command I use (previous version of rsync worked perfectly with
this command).

rsync -rlt -v -e "ssh -T -F Ssh.conf" <user>@<server1>:"'<remote
directory>'" .

Has anybody seen this behavior before ? Could this be a bug ?

Again, any help is appreciated.



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