file execute access with noacl mount with Cygwin-1.7.0 20090518 snapshot

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu May 21 15:20:00 GMT 2009

Karl M wrote:
> Attatched is a cygcheck and my fstab.
> I prefer using windows permissions on my windows (outside of Cygwin) files. I
> only have this set on my cygdrive mount.
> Yes, if I do ls -al of the file.exe in /home/me after I copied it there, I have
> permissions of rwx------ as expected. If I copy the file to /c/Users/me/Desktop,
> I don't have execute permission without adding exec to my cygdrive mount in fstab,
> as I have in my current fstab.

So it sounds like some of the games that MS is playing with the Windows
home directory also affects permission settings when the POSIX permissions
are off (or maybe it affects it either way).  I recall Corinna mentioning
some time ago that the automatic "sharing" of files that's turned on in
the user's home directory can really slow things down.  She may have
mentioned other side-effects I don't recall.  The fact that things look
different outside of '/c/Users/me' than inside makes me suspect other
"funny business".  Currently, the recommendation is to _not_ use the
Windows home directory as the Cygwin home to avoid these issues.  It
seems you are already doing this but obviously things in the Windows
home directory will still suffer from some troubles here.

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