file execute access with noacl mount with Cygwin-1.7.0 20090518 snapshot

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu May 21 04:31:00 GMT 2009

Karl M wrote:
> Karl M wrote:
>> Hi All...
>> I just tried executing a file on my desktop as
>> /c/Users/me/Desktop/file.exe in Vista Business SP1.
>> The file would not tab complete in bash and an ls -al showed no execute
>> access.
>> Do I need to add the exec or cygexec explicitly, or should that be the
>> default with noacl?
>> Thanks,
>> ...Karl
> I'm ok with adding it explicitly, and perhaps that is cleaner in the long
> run with no hidden assumptions.
> It is just that my file ended in .exe and the documentation says:
> While normally the execute permission bits are used to evaluate
> executability, this is not possible on filesystems which don't support
> permissions at all (like FAT/FAT32), or if ACLs are ignored on filesystems
> supporting them (see the aforementioned acl mount option). In these cases,
> the following heuristic is used to evaluate if a file is executable: Files
> ending in certain extensions (.exe, .com, .bat, .btm, .cmd) are assumed to
> be executable.
> So the current behavior is not what I expected.

Does 'file.exe' report itself as executable if you move it to somewhere
that's not under '/c/Users/'?  Is there a reason you don't want 'acl'
(other than the fact that you're working under '/c/Users' on Vista)?
While setting 'exec' or 'cygexec' may help in your situation, I'm not at
all clear why you think it's 'cleaner'.  Perhaps you could be more explicit.
See <> for guidelines on providing a
complete problem report, which might help us all understand the heart of
your question.

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