Security Concern: setup.exe signature difficult to verify

Doug Bateman
Wed May 20 07:11:00 GMT 2009

Greg Chicares Wrote:
> Here's a native msw binary:

Thanks for the response Greg.  This still raises 2 concerns:
1) If this method is the official cygwin authenticity verification
procedure, it should be well documented on the website, as the process
is non-trivial.
2) The gnupg-w32cli-1.4.9.exe itself also isn't signed.  So we still
have the bootstrapping problem.

Bottom line, the install procedure is still insecure and vulnerable to
attack until a pervasive authentication mechanism is used (either
signed windows executable or SSL download with a verifiable cert).
With organized and highly sophisticated attackers becoming even more
wide spread (often backed by organized crime or other well funded
agencies), security is important, especially for a project as
prestigious and important as Cygwin.

Of course, I'll mention this to the people too, as they have
the same problem.

Thanks for the response.

Best Regards,

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