R: Package dependency issues for octave-devel

Marco Atzeri marco_atzeri@yahoo.it
Wed May 20 07:02:00 GMT 2009

--- Mar 19/5/09, Kris Thielemans ha scritto:

> Da: Kris Thielemans 
> Oggetto: Package dependency issues for octave-devel
> A: cygwin
> Data: Martedì 19 maggio 2009, 22:01
> Hi
> I have octave-3.0.3-1 and octave-devel installed, but had
> problems using
> mkoctfile. I had to download gcc4-fortran (for
> -lgfortranbegin), libhdf_0
> (for -lhdf5) and readline (for -lreadline).
> After that, it seems to work nicely. Thanks
> Kris 

on cygwin-1.5 the requirement for octave are:
cygwin lapack gnuplot less libreadline6 texinfo libfftw3_3 libhdf5_0 

so libhdf5_0 and libreadline6 should be already there.
Or are you speaking about the devel packages ?

On octave-devel I forgot to bump the requirement from 
"gcc-g++ gcc-g77" to  "gcc4-g++ gcc4-fortran"

but if you are developing, you should know  
that you need the compiler :-))

On cygwin-1.7 I removed the "gcc-g++ gcc-g77" requirement
at all. So please be aware of it. 


cygwin octave maintainer

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