gcc linker flags

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Mon May 18 02:15:00 GMT 2009

I've seen builds by other people in which the following linker flags are 

(a) --enable-auto-import
(b) --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc
(c) --enable-auto-image-base

My understanding is that (b) and (c) are already the default and that 
(a) will be the default when binutils is updated.  Moreover, (a) is 
mostly used to suppress errors (though there are exceptions where it 
makes a difference).  So none of these are really needed in most cases.  
Do I have it more or less right?

I'm mainly interested in gcc-4 in cygwin 1.7, but if the answers would 
be different for gcc-3 or cygwin 1.5, I'd like to know that too.



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