BUG: libioperm + libtool + libpopt

Duane Ellis duane@duaneellis.com
Sat May 16 18:07:00 GMT 2009

I'm only reporting an issue,  I don't have a solution other then the 
'hatchet' job workaround.

I just installed cygwin +3 days ago, using what ever is the latest 
version of what ever on a freshly minted winXP machine.

A package I am using links using "libtool" - which uses and finds:   

Which claims to have this dependency:

    # Libraries that this one depends upon.
    dependency_libs=' /usr/lib/libpopt.la'

yet, there is no 'libpopt<anything>' I can find to link against.

I can find the below via "cygwin-setup.exe"

   Current version: 1.6.4-4, "keep",  libpop0: Library for parsing 
cmdline parameters - (runtime)

There is no "(development)" version I can find to install, and 
truthfully "libioperm" does not seem to really need libpopt because, if 
I comment it out, my link succeeds :-)

I believe one of two things need to happen:

 (A)   the "libioperm.la" - is WRONG and needs to be updated
or (B) libpopt - "development" version needs to be created under cygwin.

I don't know enough about doing that - and my work around, while a hack 
job - works for me.


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