managing autoconf versions?

Sat May 16 06:00:00 GMT 2009

This is a little off topic.
How do people manage autoconf/automake versions?
In particular, I'm not doing "my own work" -- I could probably just install one recent version of everything and be ok.
Rather I'm wondering about submitting patches to other projects, some projects might use one set of versions, or another. Change or such and regenerate configure/ or such, using a matching toolset version so that churn is only what is desired?
Is the solution to install to various custom prefix and tailor $PATH based on context? Or does one "wrapper" sniff the input or output and decide among the versions installed in a standard place?
You know, like, input/or output could say # use autoconf 1.2.3
and then /usr/bin/autoconf could delegate to /usr/bin/autoconf-1.2.3
or such?
- Jay

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