Selling management on Cygwin

Paul McFerrin
Thu May 14 15:24:00 GMT 2009

If you are looking for technical reason to make cygwin the default, then 
give it up.  Of a person has spent years on a MS system, they will be 
reluctant to change.  Contrary to a person using a *Unix system will be 
very glad to use tools that they know.  You'll trying to force everyone 
to use one OS.

When I install cygwin on a new OS, I frequently swear & cuss because the 
MS tool set is extremely difficult compared to a *Unix system I have 
over 25 years experienced with *Unix.

I can't see any reason for making cygwin availablr to those that prefer 
to use it.  With many years of using both, cygwin definitely take the 
cake.  Those that choose cygwin, will quickly be more productive and 
learn how to cuss out MS!

Long live U N I X !

Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> No one here asked me whether it was safe to install open source software,
>> but if they had I was ready to explain that it's a well established and
>> stable product, I've been using it and contributing to it for many years,
>> and have never had a problem with it.
> You might add that the applications distributed with Cygwin are used to
> help run millions of *nix servers around the world.
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