Debugging a time zone problem

Marc Girod
Thu May 14 11:10:00 GMT 2009

Marc Girod wrote:
> Looking at the sources, the most suspicious place given your description,
> seems to be msdos.c, around lines 4453-4494...
and even more so with lines 4450-4452:

  /* Time zone determined from country code.  To make this possible, the
     country code may not span more than one time zone.  In other words,
     in the USA, you lose.  */

There are 4 zones in the US?
Countries with several timezones are the large ones: Russia, China, India,
Canada, Brazil,...
Unfortunately, there are also populated (with users, I mean)...
For them, a different mechanism seems to be needed.
Er... why does gdb affect?

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