What is Cygwin DLL & emulation Layer ?

Neeraj Sahu neerajsahu2003@gmail.com
Thu May 14 06:51:00 GMT 2009

Hi All,

I am newbie to Cygwin world. I have very basic doubt regarding cygwin.

My question is 1.) Why you have designed cygwin as DLL ? What's the advantage ?

                       2.) What is Cygwin emulation layer ?

                       3.) How Cygwin work internally. Please explain in brief ?

I have searched for the answers in Google,and cygwin mailing list, but
still I am not getting the right answer for this question.Or I am not
satisfied with the answers I got.

Could you please help me out to resolve my doubts ?

Thanks & Regards,
Neeraj Sahu

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