Strange behavior of cygwin setup preferences

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu May 14 01:02:00 GMT 2009

Lenik wrote:
> When I have a fresh new installed OS, say XP, and the first time to 
> install cygwin using cygwin setup utility, I can see a lot of 
> components. After the first installation, however it's completed 
> installed or be canceled, Then I launch the setup again, most components 
> are gone.
> It looks like this, the setup remembered which components I've selected, 
> and saved my selection to the win32 registry or somewhere, whatever, I 
> don't know where it saved and I can't find it.
> Is there any command line option to force the setup.exe consider it's 
> the first to install?

Click the "View" button in "setup.exe" until the "Up-to-date" page is
shown.  Click "Keep" for any package you need to reinstall until it
shows "Reinstall".

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