rsync with cygwin 1.7 doesn't work
Thu May 14 00:43:00 GMT 2009

I upgraded to version 1.7 as I had issues with rsync not being able to transfer all my files due to "File name too long (91)"

I ran this command in Win2k3, which worked in the last version :

rsync -rav --exclude 'temp' --exclude 'System*' --exclude 'Program Files' --exclude 'users' -e 'ssh -l a -p 9222' /cygdrive/e/ | tee /cygdrive/e/replica.2009.05.13.log

In 1.7 it caused 100% cpu utilisation, while transferring a log file just over 5 Meg.

It hung there for 24 hours without any progress.


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