Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Tue May 12 22:17:00 GMT 2009

Bruno Galindro da Costa wrote:
> Christian,
>    It Works perfectly for both! Can you explain why that commands
> works and not only "wmic cpu list full"?

> 2009/5/12 Christian Franke <Christian.Franke>

>> Bruno Galindro da Costa wrote:
>>>    I´m trying to run the WMIC (WMI Command-line interface) via Cygwin
>>> to parse the results with grep, awk, etc. But, when I try to run it,
>>> the cursor indicates that the command is executing, but nothing is
>>> printed on screen and the cursor is not released.
>>>    I maked a batch script (.cmd) which executes the WMIC and log the
>>> output into a log file. Then, I tried to call it with Cygwin, but the
>>> same behaviour happens.
>>> The command I want to execute is:
>>> Anyone can help me to resolve the above problem?
>> The following works for me in Cygwin console (notty, tty, and mintty) on
>> XP:
>> $ echo '' | wmic cpu list full
>> or
>> $ wmic cpu list full </dev/null

  So, are some of you guys using a DOS console, and some using
rxvt/xterm/whatever gui console?


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