Cygwin "cat command failure" for large files

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue May 12 17:27:00 GMT 2009

>> Hi All,
>> While accessing a file through rsh on my system and using cat command 
>> on that file.
>> if file is less than 64 kb ... command works else i get a error
>>  " cat: write error: No space left on device "
>> Is this  known problem in cygwin.
>> Kindly help  I am using
>> CYGWIN_NT-5.1 p9 1.5.25(0.156/4/2) 2007-12-14 19:21 i686 
> Cygwin on winXP

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How does it work for you without 'rsh' in the picture?

It worked fine for me with a file of several hundred MB locally and
through 'ssh' (i.e. 'ssh localhist cat /tmp/foo').  I don't use 'rsh'.

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