Cygwin programs doesn't support non-ASCII filenames

Tue May 12 15:10:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-5-12 21:54, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On May  9 23:12, Lenik wrote:
>> (This mail is encoded in utf-8)
>> [...]
>> The two chinese characters encoding in:
>> GB2312: d7 c0 c3 e6
>> UTF-8: e6 a1 8c e9 9d a2
>> Unicode: \u684c \u9762
>> [...]
>> This is a new test don't use cygpath:
>>      C:\Profiles\Shecti>  set LANG=&  bash -c "cat ??????"
>>      cat: ??????: No such file or directory
> I'm just looking into this issue and I do not quite understand how you
> came up with the filename in this example.  Above you mention that the
> mail is in UTF-8.  However, when I look into this email using `od -t
> x1', the multibyte sequence in your example is e4 bd a0 e5 a5 bd, rather
> than the aforementioned UTF-8 sequence e6 a1 8c e9 9d a2.  Nor does it
> match the aforementioned GB2312 sequence d7 c0 c3 e6.  Can you please
> explain how the multibyte sequence in the example is related to the
> above GB2312 and UTF-8 sequences?
> Corinna
Sorry, there are two examples, the first using 桌面, and the second 
using 你好. You may test either.

桌面:e6 a1 8c e9 9d a2, GB2312=d7 c0 c3 e6
你好:e4 bd a0 e5 a5 bd, GB2312=c4 e3 ba c3


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