Cygwin programs doesn't support non-ASCII filenames

Tue May 12 07:49:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-5-9 23:44, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On May  9 23:12, Lenik wrote:
>> The same result, it shows that `cat' from binutils can support locale
>> well, while `d' isn't.
> Ok, but that's not Cygwin's problem, just the d tool would need an
> update at one point, perhaps.  OTOH, what you're doing is a bit
> borderline.  When you start this stuff from cmd, you will have to enter
> the filename in the notation valid for the locale in which the
> application works.  For d, which only works in the C locale, you would
> have to give the pathname using the SO/UTF-8 sequences.  Right now I
> have no idea if there's a workaround for that, but keep in mind that
> we're at the beginning of real native language support.  Unfortunately
> it's all a bit more complicated than on non-Windows systems, given the
> UTF-16-ness of the underlying system.
I'd like to know if there is any build plan to upgrade tools like d, 
zip, unzip, jar, etc. to support locale settings, rather than C only. So 
I can tell customers when our cygwin-based scripts will work for Chinese 
path names.

Or is there documented ways to build with locale support from source 
code? Currently the two tools `jar' and `unzip' which don't support 
locale settings prevent my scripts being widely deployed.

Thank you Corinna,

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