icu-3.8-5 patches

Reini Urban
Mon May 11 19:12:00 GMT 2009

Ken Brown schrieb:
> I'm building a program (in cygwin-1.7) that comes with its own version 
> of the icu library.  I'd like to patch the source in the same way that 
> cygwin's icu package does this.  But there seems to be a packaging 
> problem with the icu-3.8-5 source, so that I'm not sure exactly which 
> patches should be applied:
> $ cygport icu-3.8-5.cygport prep
>  >>> Preparing icu-3.8-5
>  >>> Unpacking source icu4c-3_8-src.tgz
> *** Info: applying patch icu-3.8-setBreakType-public.diff:
> patching file common/unicode/rbbi.h
> *** Info: applying patch icu-3.8-regexp-CVE-2007-4770+4771.diff:
> patching file i18n/regexcmp.cpp
> patching file i18n/rematch.cpp
> patching file test/intltest/regextst.h
> patching file test/intltest/regextst.cpp
> patching file common/uvectr32.cpp
> patching file common/uvectr32.h
>  >>> Preparing working source directory
> [...]
> *** ERROR: patch icu-3.8-5.src.patch will not apply
> There is some overlap between the successfully applied patches and those 
> in icu-3.8-5.src.patch, but I don't think either set of patches contains 
> the other.  Can someone clarify for me what the actual source patches 
> should be?

This is easy:
icu-3.8-5.src.patch already contains the two extra patches.

This is harder:
icu-3.8-5.cygwin.patch will also not apply automatically by cygport
due to a cygport problem with SRC_DIR containing a "/".

* check icu/source/source/CYGWIN_PATCHES and move it to

Reini Urban

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