Mount of VSS volumes (//?/GLOBALROOT/...) does not work

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon May 11 16:32:00 GMT 2009

Jason Pyeron wrote:
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<>  Or, better yet, just eliminate
all these unneeded headers so there's no issue.


>>>>> This is still a highly unusual situation from a POSIXy
>>>> point of view.
>>>>> I'm not sure I want to slow down Cygwin for this any further.  It
>>> Could this be explained please?
>> The code in Cygwin to handle path conversion and 
>> "POSIXification" is very complex and is already a performance 
>> concern.  Adding more code to this area to handle rare cases 
>> is not in the best interest of the entire Cygwin community, 
>> since it adds complexity and reduces performance of Cygwin as 
>> a whole.  So we shy away from making changes in this area 
>> unless there's a definite need and an overall "win".
> Hmm, could I get a primmer on where to look to understand more. I.E. which
> sources/functions.


>>>>> seems the ability to mount a shadow volume as a dos drive is 
>>>>> sufficient for this kind of problem, isn't it?
>>>> I agree.
>>> The dosdev.exe is no longer downloadable from Microsoft.
>> <>
>> Sounds like if one couldn't find the prebuilt tool somewhere 
>> that it's not that hard to write one.
> And maybe add it as a feature to mount....

I'm not sure if the idea of adding functionality to 'mount' that creates
junctions of DOS devices in the Windows world makes sense to me.  This
seems like Windows-world functionality, since all of Windows would see
the result and be able to take advantage of it.  I'm guessing that your
idea is to make this usage as seamless and simple as possible in Cygwin,
which I can understand.  But in my admittedly short time thinking about
the idea, I'm personally hesitant to say this is obviously the right way
to go.  But I could be wrong and I don't think this should stop you or
someone else from proposing specifics with a patch to 'mount' as it
possible that I've missed a nice solution that addresses my concern.

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