Setup 1.7 2.621

Karl M
Mon May 11 15:48:00 GMT 2009

Hi All...
I just experimented with 2.621 this morning.
For years, I have used a script to do a full recursive permissions and owner fixup and reset the mount points after running setup for Cygwin 1.5, so I like the new Setup capabilities.
On an XP Pro machine, with a Cygwin-1.7 only installed, I shut down all cygwin processes, renamed C:\Cygwin to C:\Cygwin-prev, created C:\Cygwin, disabled permission inheritence for C:\Cygwin, and set C:\Cygwin to have full full access from SYSTEM and Administrators. Then I ran setup to install.

After the install, ownership in /bin was administrator.Administrators, as expected. But several items "/home" for example had ownership of administrator.root. "/dev/*" had the same issue, for example. Then lots of items in /etc had administrator.none. root is my cygserver account, used in the previous Cygwin 1.7 installation.
I then deleted four user IDs named, named2, named3, and named4, from previous ISC BIND (native Windows) on this machine. I shut down all Cygwin processes and deleted the C:\Cygwin folder.
I then created C:\Cygwin and set the permissions again as above, and ran setup again. This time I had administrator.Administrators where I previously had administrator.root. I did notice that my /etc/group file had each group listed twice (each group listed once, followed by each group listed once).
I'm not sure how to reproduce the administrator.root results of the first install. It seems that items created by the installation scripts should follow the ownership convention set by setup.
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