Cygwin programs doesn't support non-ASCII filenames

Corinna Vinschen
Sat May 9 10:02:00 GMT 2009

[Repeated and additional question.  I accidentally sent this as PM.
 Sorry about that.  Let's keep this on the list, please]

On May  9 11:43, Lenik wrote:
> (My system locale is zh_CN)

What ANSI codepage is that?

And what OEM codepage uses the console Window by default?

> 1, test path
>     >>> set LANG=& cygpath -am .
>     C:/Profiles/Shecti/??????
>     >>> set LANG=zh_CN.GBK& cygpath -am .
>     C:/Profiles/Shecti/??????
>     >>> set LANG=C& cygpath -am .
>     C:/Profiles/Shecti/×ÀÃæ

Can you please give us the exact name of the directory in either
UTF-8 or UTF-16 notation?

> 2, the `test' utility
>     >>> set LANG=& bash -c "D=$(cygpath -am .); if [ -d $D ]; then echo  
> ok $D; else echo fail $D; fi"
>     fail C:/Profiles/Shecti/??????

What you're actually testing here all the time is cygpath in the first
place.  If you stop using cygpath, start a bash shell and use the Cygwin
commands with the paths in POSIX notation, you would have much less
trouble.  Cygwin is a POSIX emulation layer, after all.

If you give me the above information I'll look into fixing cygpath.

>     The GB2312 charset is a subset of GBK charset, and the characters `  
> ??????' is included in GB2312 charset. So in this example, GB2312 SHOULD 

Sorry, no.  It's documented that GBK is supported, GB2312 isn't.  From
what I read about GB2312 it's not actually a subset of GBK in terms
of character definitions, it's just a subset in terms of supported
characters.  AFAICS, GB2312 uses chars < 0x7f in multibyte sequences
which is not feasible for Cygwin.  We could support EUC-CN, which
seems to be another way to encode GB2312 chars, but I'm not exactly
willing to add that now.  I'd rather stabilize what we have now and
add further charset support in a later, official 1.7 release.

So you can use LANG=zh_CN.GBK, but not LANG=zh_CN.GB2312.  It's just
treated as invalid input.  Better: Use LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8.


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