WARNING: terminal is not fully functional

Frédéric Bron frederic.bron@m4x.org
Wed May 6 18:47:00 GMT 2009

>> rxvt-x -> TERM=rxvt-cygwin
>> rxvt-native -> TERM=rxvt-cygwin-native
> That's the problem.  /etc/termcap has an entry for rxvt-cygwin-native,
> but not for rxvt-cygwin.  What you want in that case is just
> TERM=rxvt.
> Not sure where the bug is.  Either rxvt is setting TERM wrong, or you
> have something in your shell initialization that's overriding it, or
> /etc/termcap is missing an alias for the entry.

Its a fresh new install! Nothing about TERM in .bashrc, nor in .bash_profile.

I just have the following in my .Xdefaults:
Rxvt*termName: rxvt
Looks like it is ignored.

So is it a bug?


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