Pyhton script to call another program

Václav Haisman
Wed May 6 18:19:00 GMT 2009

mcbenus wrote, On 6.5.2009 17:01:
> Hi,
> I am trying to write a simple python script to manipulate files and call
> other programs.  I have a program installed (rocs) which I run using cygwin
> (but is not in python).  How can I run a python script and then call the
> other program? 
> For example:
> Python Code  # this line opens a file
> Python Code  # this line splits the file into 4 different files
> rocs  # this line calls the program 'rocs' to run on the newly formed files
> Python Code # this line renames rocs output files and saves them in the
> right place. 
> I am relatively new to python and don't know a lot about cygwin.  Please
> remember that if you try to answer me :) Thanks!
This is not really something you should ask here. Try some Python related
mailing list/news group/IRC channel.


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