More: [1.7] packaging problem? Both /usr/bin/ and /usr/lib/ are non-empty

Corinna Vinschen
Tue May 5 12:37:00 GMT 2009

On May  5 07:37, Charles Wilson wrote:
> > And again: following the recent upgrade to rxvt-unicode there are now 3
> > "real" files in /usr/lib/ being
> > 
> > C:\>attrib m:\usr\bin\*
> > A  S         M:\usr\bin\urxvt
> > A  S         M:\usr\bin\urxvtc
> > A  S         M:\usr\bin\urxvtd
> > 
> > (As you perceive, these are all links: in fact to files of the same name
> > in /etc/alternatives/. There are identical links in m:\bin\.)
> [...]
> It seems, then, that perhaps there's something wrong with setup's
> "setup" of that cygwin environment, before/as it launches the
> postinstall scripts ON YOUR MACHINE.
> The reason I specify *your machine*, is I can't reproduce this behavior.
> In fact, I don't even HAVE a C:\cygwin-1.7\usr\bin directory, so my
> symlinks are actually in C:\cygwin-1.7\bin, as they should be.

I have usr/bin and usr/lib dirs (old TAB-completion convenience habit)
and both dirs are empty, so it doesn't seem to have to do with their
existence either.


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