problems using Xlib.h/Xwindows.h/unistd.h and win32api under gcc-4

Chris LeBlanc
Tue May 5 05:28:00 GMT 2009

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the description of the problem, and the workaround.  Our
code is pretty complicated at points, so it might be challenging to be
sure of the include order, but I'll try.

The other suggestion I saw from Christopher Faylor was to try Cygwin
commercial support.  This was actually the first major problem I've
had with Cygwin, so I haven't had to use it before and didn't even
think of it.  I'll try contacting them tomorrow, and possibly get a
fix for the strange looking defines in Xwindows.h, so the order of
includes shouldn't matter.  Personally, I'd be happy with sleep()
being defined in unistd.h, and Sleep() defined in Windows.h, and
keeping the two separate.

Thanks again for your help,

Chris LeBlanc
Claritas Development
GNS Science
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

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