Xerces-C: two issues with gcc4/cygwin-1.7

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Mon May 4 19:26:00 GMT 2009

>Dave Korn wrote:
>>   The next step is to manually re-run the final link command that you posted
>> earlier:
> Actually, maybe it's not.  I just downloaded xerces-c-3.0.1.tar.gz, untarred
> it
> and it built right through without problems, including linking all the exes -
> CreateDOMDocument.exe in particular.  (Testsuite run still in progress).
> Chuck, I suspect this is likely to be an already-fixed bug in binutils;
> would you like to try your build again with homebrewed binutils from CVS?

I'll give that a shot when I get home.  Thanks for looking in to this.

> One of the ThreadTests hung and had to be killed after running for half an
> hour, but everything else went smoothly:

Yes, I have seen that before a few times, but it is not present in
-3.0.1 with gcc3 under cygwin-1.5. I'll have to investigate -- once I
get working .exe's.


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