What is the most painless way to move Cygwin to another box?

Wes S wess@acegroup.cc
Fri May 1 22:37:00 GMT 2009

Maybe I'm not getting things but this seems to be a problem I can not 
get my head around.

I have two w2k boxes on a home network.  No domain controllers, just 
a home network.

The box that has the install that works fine for me needs to have 
cygwin moved over to another box while I reinstall windows to fix 
some issues that are not cygwin related.

I can't just copy files over, the administrator account can't access 
some files.  It can take over ownership and then access them but I'm 
assuming the various programs set permissions for a reason.  I trust 
you guys more than I trust me on this stuff.

How do I move this install?  Is there a FAQ for it?  



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