howto obtain the used space of "/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information"

Matthias Meyer
Fri May 1 10:50:00 GMT 2009

Dave Korn wrote:

> Matthias Meyer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I backup Windows XP as well as Windows Vista by using rsyncd.
>> Thats working fine.
>> But I have a difference between the used space in source and destination.
>> Some of this differences are justified in my exclusions of pagefile.sys
>> and hiberfile.sys.
>> Another part, I am sure, by "System Volume Information".
>> How to obtain the used space of "/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information"?
>> du returns:
>> du: cannot read directory `/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information':
>> Permission denied
>   I very seriously recommend never going anywhere near that directory nor
> touching it in any way.
>   Still here?  OK, if you absolutely have to know, the simplest way is to
>   give
> yourself read access through the security tab in the explorer properties
> (may
> need to take ownership to do that).  Then clear the properties dialog and
> bring it up again; this time, explorer will be able to size the folder.
> Immediately delete the access perms you gave yourself and pray you didn't
> break anything critical.
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

chmod u+rx "/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information"
du -h --max-depth=0 "/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information"
chmod u-rx "/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information"

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