git-svn: perl <pid> child_copy: linked dll data write copy failed

Eric Blake
Fri Oct 31 15:46:00 GMT 2008

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According to George Reilly on 10/30/2008 11:07 PM:
> I ran "ash rebaseall -v", which worked once I renamed cyglsa64.dll to
> a different extension.
> "git init" works, as does "git status" and "git svn help". But "git
> svn init" spews (slowly)
> $ git svn init
>       4 [main] perl 5624 child_copy: linked dll data write copy failed, 0x6FEB60
> 00..0x6FEB6080, done 0, windows pid 5624, Win32 error 487

I maintain git, but have no experience with git-svn (as I choose not to
use svn).  It seems like 'git svn help' works because it doesn't load the
full perl modules in use by the bulk of the git svn command; the failure
seems to be that when it is finally time for perl to load additional
modules, then fork, that the forked copy is unable to reproduce the same
memory layout as the parent process, rendering the additional dlls and
hence the overall process dead.  This is exactly the problem that rebasing
is supposed to help, but since you've already tried rebasing, I have no
idea what else to try.

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