Cygwin setup.exe via the cygwin shell

Ralph Hempel
Fri Oct 31 15:21:00 GMT 2008

Thrall, Bryan wrote:

> For example (untested), to install vim and bc:
> setup.exe -d -q -R 'c:\cygwin' -s ''
> -l 'c:\cygwin\home\thrall' -P vim,bc

I'm not sure, but I _think_ the -P is only available in the 1.7

The -D and -L options are not specified in your example, so
depending on the last action performed in the previous run
of setup, you'll either get download to local, install from
local, or both.

Furthermore, there's a little bug (that I've previously submitted
a patch for) that won't let you combine -D and -D on the
same command line invocation - you have to do it twice, once with
each option.

But yes, the command line setup works well indeed!

One thing nagging in the background is whether or not you can/should
update your cygwin installation while any Cygwin processes are running.

Cheers, Ralph

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