cygwin g++ strictness

Dave Korn
Fri Oct 31 13:04:00 GMT 2008

John Emmas wrote on 31 October 2008 12:35:

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>> You are creating temporaries here.  If AddTwoInts modifies either of the
>> int references it has, that will only change the temporaries; x and y
>> will /not/ be modified.
> You'll be surprised if you try it Dave....

  Ah, I overlooked that you were using plain int32_t types in this example.
It wouldn't work with gints (in fact, contrary to what I said, the compiler
won't even create temps for you), not even if gint is a typedef for int32_t.
Your example requires gint to be a typedef for int.

  If gint is a typedef for long, and you make 'm' a gint as well as 'n', and
compile on a platform where longs are 64 bits and ints 32, the assignment to
'a' in AddTwoInts will overwrite both n and m in main (simulated here by
typedef'ing gint to long long on a 32-bit platform):

~ $ cat woo.cxx
#include <stdio.h>
typedef long long gint;

int AddTwoInts (int& a, int& b)
    int x = a;
    int y = b;

    a = 6;  // Note this line

    return x + y;

int main()
gint  m=4;
int  n=5;

    AddTwoInts ((int&)m, n);
    printf ("m is %d n is %d\n", m, n);

    return 0;  // 'm' equals 6 by the time you get to this line !!
@_______. .
(       /"\
 '"  '"'---'
~ $ g++ woo.cxx -o woo
@_______. .
(       /"\
 '"  '"'---'
~ $ ./woo.exe
m is 6 n is 0
@_______. .
(       /"\
 '"  '"'---'
~ $

  That's why the casts are inadvisable.

  Add "--save-temps" to your compiler flags to get the preprocessed sources in
*.i or *.ii (for C or C++) files.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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