cygwin g++ strictness

John Emmas
Fri Oct 31 12:49:00 GMT 2008

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From: "Dave Korn"
Sent: 31 October 2008 12:22
Subject: RE: cygwin g++ strictness
> You are creating temporaries here.  If AddTwoInts modifies either of the
> int references it has, that will only change the temporaries; x and y will
> /not/ be modified.

You'll be surprised if you try it Dave....

int AddTwoInts (int& a, int& b)
    int x = a;
    int y = b;

    a = 6;  // Note this line

    return x + y;

int main()
int32_t  m=4;
gint  n=5;

    AddTwoInts ((int&)m, n);

    return 0;  // 'm' equals 6 by the time you get to this line !!

I was surprised too - but it works (!?!)


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