Cygwin Line Feed/ Carriage Return Help

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Fri Oct 31 05:08:00 GMT 2008

Greg Chicares wrote:
> On 2008-10-31 04:02Z, sandsturm wrote: [...]
> Your reply didn't make it here from all I see, even
> in the raw message source [1], is a full quote of Larry's message.
> It might be better to join the mailing list. Here's what appeared
> only on [reformatted]:

Good of you to forward/translate for us Greg.  I did find the response
that made it to the list to be less informative. ;-)  Just as a point
of reference, there's no pressing need to join the list if someone
really doesn't want to.  Sending to cygwin at cygwin dot com is allowed
by anyone, even if they don't join the list.  But there is a higher spam
filtering bar that has to be scaled in that case.

> | Hi Larry
> |
> | Thanks for the fast reply. I tried to reinstall cygwin in UNIX Mode,
> | because I think this is the point where it fails. But reinstallation
> | (after deleting cygwin folder, service and cygwin registry) didn't
> | solved my problem.

So then I'd say it makes sense to follow through with the recommendations
of the rest of my original reply, sandstrum.

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