reseting HOME directory

Will Parsons oudeis@nodomain.invalid
Wed Oct 29 23:27:00 GMT 2008

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> mcbenus wrote:
>> Thanks! Is that ok to change the Windows Home? what implications it may have
>> on other software? 
> For Cygwin, you shouldn't set HOME in the Windows environment unless you
> need Cygwin to see the same HOME as some other software (MKS is one
> example I know of that likes to set HOME in the Windows environment).
> As for the implications, it depends on the software you have installed
> that relies on this environment variable (like MKS).  Windows doesn't
> use HOME.  So unless you really need it, you're better off removing
> it from you Windows environment.

I don't know that there's any particular reason to discourage setting HOME
in the Windows environment - I've done it for years (since I started using
Cygwin B19, I think).  For me, it serves to indicate where "my stuff" is
located, whether Cygwin related or not (c:\wbp).  Besides Cygwin, it is
used in my systems by (non-Cygwin) Emacs and MSYS.


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