Execute permission not set when creating files

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad@users.sourceforge.net
Tue Oct 28 23:48:00 GMT 2008

John Cooper wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> I don't think I've met a POSIX-like system yet that automatically creates
>> things with any +x bits set.
> I'm assuming that the recent Cygwin's failure to set the +x bit is the cause
> of the underlying problem, namely that any files I create (e.g., via output
> redirection) can no longer be read when I'm logged onto my wife's desktop.

I'd expect the read bit to be the culprit, not the execute bit. (Also, 
I'd be surprised if Cygwin set +x on anything except directories at any 
point in the last... well, long time :-).)

> This certainly wasn't a problem with a previous version of Cygwin, and is
> really quite a nuisance. (if I create a file with `notepad' or any other
> Windows program, it is, by default, readable when logged in as a different
> user.)

Notepad, being a pure-Windows program, has a ridiculous habit of making 
things executable that shouldn't be.

You might want to check the ACL's with cacls and/or getfacl, both of the 
problematic files, their owning directories, and the parents thereof. 
And compare to something that works (preferably in the same directory). 
(So, if you have /cygdrive/c/Foo/Bar/something.txt, you'd want to look 
at something.txt, /cygdrive/c/Foo/Bar, and possibly /cygdrive/c/Foo, etc.)

Does adding a+x really fix the problem? If so that seems... surprising.

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