Execute permission not set when creating files

John Cooper super.cooper@ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 28 23:20:00 GMT 2008

Matthew Woehlke wrote:

 > I don't think I've met a POSIX-like system yet that automatically creates
things with any +x bits set.

I'm assuming that the recent Cygwin's failure to set the +x bit is the cause
of the underlying problem, namely that any files I create (e.g., via output
redirection) can no longer be read when I'm logged onto my wife's desktop.
This certainly wasn't a problem with a previous version of Cygwin, and is
really quite a nuisance. (if I create a file with `notepad' or any other
Windows program, it is, by default, readable when logged in as a different

If there's some other reasonable way to achieve this, I'd be very grateful
for any suggestions.

One other thing -- I did recently upgrade to XP SP3 (from SP2), so I guess
it's possible this is a contributing factor although it seems a long shot...



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