Using arrow keys in bash shell vi-insert-mode with gnu screen frequently causes text to be deleted

tiger wind
Sat Oct 25 22:52:00 GMT 2008

When using the left or right arrow keys in bash shell using vi mode
(insert mode, specifically, which is the default mode) in conjunction
with gnu screen has frequently caused the line of text I'm entering to
be deleted.

These are the versions of bash and gnu screen I see when using the
--version flag.

Bash version: 2.05b.0(1)-release
Screen version: 4.00.02 (FAU)

Bashbug lists the version of bash as 3.2 patch 39 release. I'm not
sure which is correct.

Anyways, I have duplicated the problem using the plain cygwin terminal
(in the plain windows cmd window) as well as on xterm and urxvt.

I removed all my rc files (.bashrc, .screenrc, .inputrc) to make sure
none of my personal setting were interfering. The problem still

Here are the steps to duplicate the problem:
1. Enter bash shell (type "bash" at the command prompt)
2. Enter screen (type "screen" at the command prompt)
3. Enter vi mode (type "set -o vi" at the command prompt)
4. Type a bunch of random or non-random characters
5. Hold the left arrow key down to move to the beginning of the line.
Keep holding it down for a while, even if you've reached the beginning
of the line.
6. You should see the line of characters get truncated (I've seen
anywhere from 1 to about half the line get deleted from the end of the
7. If not, push the right arrow key down and try the reverse direction.
8. Repeat. If it's going to happen at all, it'll happen within a
couple tries and occur frequently.

Could this be a bug in bash or perhaps gnu screen? I'm not too
familiar with terminals, escape sequences, readline, etc. I have seen
terminal settings in people's screenrc files, but never really
understood their purpose.

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