cygserver 1.5.25-15 slows down logoff

Sybille Ebert
Wed Oct 22 20:43:00 GMT 2008

>>> I can reproduce it, too.  However, I can not reproduce it on Windows
>>> Server 2008 x64 so it seems a problem of the NT 5.2 kernel alone.
>>> I tried debugging and changed a couple of places in the DLL as well
>>> as in cygrunsrv trying to track it down.  The hang does not occur in
>>> Cygwin code, afaics, but in OS code and changing related parts of the
>>> custom console handling doesn't change anything.  That's all I can do
>>> for now, sorry.
>> Could you explain the interaction between Cygwin and OS in the related
>> part? I would like to have a look at it, but I need some directions.
> Well, there's no real interaction.  When you logoff, the service
> application (which is cygrunsrv, not cygserver or sshd) gets a
> console event CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT.  The Cygwin DLL has a handler function
> ( which doesn't do much on CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT.
> For testing I disabled everything and I even added a ConsoleCtrlHandler
> function to cygrunsrv which returns TRUE.  The function is called and
> that's it.  After that, the system hangs out for ~30 seconds for no
> apparent reason.
> Still note that this only happens on the 5.2 x64 kernel, not on the 6.0
> x64 kernel, so I don't see how this is actually Cygwin's fault or if
> we can do anything against that effect.

I have created and installed my own test service. For this purpose, I've
used Java Service Wrapper, which is from OS perspective just a pure
32-bit console program like cygrunsrv. And it works flawlessly, there's
no delay at logoff :-/

It only has this one problem: there's no source for the DLL it uses.

Could it be something we're missing? Perhaps not in the
ConsoleCtrlHandler itself?


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