Makefile error: target pattern contains no %

Dave Korn
Mon Oct 20 13:30:00 GMT 2008

Rajagopal, Prasanth wrote on 20 October 2008 14:10:

> However, I got an error like target pattern contains no % when I ran the
> makefile. By searching, I came to know that a : should be removed, but I
> am not sure where exactly to remove, though the line number is given. I
> am new to makefile syntax also.

  This problem is usually caused by having a DOS-style "C:\...." path in the
makefile somewhere; it needs to be replaced by the Cygwin-style
"/cygdrive/c/..." posix path format.  If it has a configure script, make sure
you're using all cygwin-style paths for the --prefix and when invoking it.

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