Rsync on two Windows machines: way one clear

Richard Ivarson
Thu Oct 16 15:28:00 GMT 2008

I wrote:
> Do I have to configure "modules" on the remote PC? I hoped not because 
> it means the local PC's rsync scripts are not flexible anymore, but 
> testwise I did so: Remote PC's rsyncd.conf reads for example:
>  >>
> [modul]
> path = /folder/
> <<
> A "[local PC] rsync Remote::" does list the entry "modul". However a
> "[local PC] resync Remote::modul" does report an error message, 
> something like "chown (?) root" access problem. (I forgot to wrote down 
> the exact message...)

Some hours of biting through "old school command line syntax and pitfals"
later and with a wish to have a kind of "Robocopy GUI" :

You've to add to rsyncd.conf the line
use chroot = no

Then the access problem goes away, because (in my case) the remote user
hasn't got admin rights.

Also you've to specifiy the module's path in exact Cygwin syntax, ie:

path = /cygdrive/c/folder/

Also in case you want to write to the Remote PC, you've to disable the
default "read only" on the module. So the entire resynd.conf on the remote PC
looks like:

use chroot = no

   path = /cygdrive/c/folder/
   read only = false

This way on the local PC a "rsync Remote::" lists the remote PC's directory
"folder" niceley and with the usual rsync syntax you can remote sync again.

Is there a Cygwin "idiot proof way to remote sync to Win PCs with rsync"
document, somehwere? If not, I think such one would be a good idea for starters.

P.S. Marco, thanks for your hints for a service sshd!


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