[SOLVED] RE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: libtool-2.2.2-2 / Updated: libltdl7-2.2.2-2

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Thu Oct 16 09:33:00 GMT 2008

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Dave Korn wrote:
>   Uh, no, not sure what you're referring to; got a reference?


>   Another thought occurs: does that work for cross-compilation?

You can't use /usr/bin/libtool for cross-compilation (it is coded for
the i686-pc-cygwin toolchain), but the above OBJDUMP patch uses
AC_CHECK_TOOL, so it should be fine for configure-generated libtools.

>   This would only apply to w32api files, yes?

Yes, because lib/w32api is the only directory in the standard linker
path that isn't standard to other systems.

>   Well that certainly is a problem with lib-link.m4.  Perhaps libtool should
> mark sys_lib_search_path_spec read-only?  Or would that just cause a failure
> later down the line?

I would think the latter.  I'm testing the attached patch against 0.17.

>   Ok, now I've got one for you :-)  Got any idea why libtool isn't including
> the typeinfo from my shared libstdc++ when it generates the import library?
> (If you do have any insight into this area, we should probably start a
> separate thread.)

Not without a .cygport and patches, together with some more details. :-)

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