Rsync on two WinXP Machines: how?

Richard Ivarson
Thu Oct 16 09:19:00 GMT 2008

Dave, thanks for the hints. I found there's no rsyncd.conf on my remote PC so 
I created an empty one and now the rsync is listing on the remote PC:

1st console:
 > rsync --daemon --no-detach -v -v -v -v --log-file=logbuch.txt

2nd console:
 > tail -f logfile.txt
2008/10/16 09:30:30 [3840] rsyncd version 3.0.4 starting, listening on port 873

On the local PC I finally can make rsync to connect to the remote rsync 
(daemon), but I'm not getting results, ie a "[local PC] rsync Remote::" 
doesn't show any files.

Do I have to configure "modules" on the remote PC? I hoped not because it 
means the local PC's rsync scripts are not flexible anymore, but testwise I 
did so: Remote PC's rsyncd.conf reads for example:
path = /folder/

A "[local PC] rsync Remote::" does list the entry "modul". However a
"[local PC] resync Remote::modul" does report an error message, something 
like "chown (?) root" access problem. (I forgot to wrote down the exact 

What could that be?
The user on the remote Windows who startet "rsync --daemon" via Autostart has 
access rights to the "/folder/.


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