how install ifort in cygwin ???

Brian Dessent
Wed Oct 15 16:48:00 GMT 2008

meyus wrote:

> I try to install the compilator ifort in cygwin but i have this message :
> Error etc... don't find 'ldd' ???

It sounds like you're trying to run an install script for Linux
binaries.  That's never going to work, primarily because there is no
'ldd' command in Cygwin, but even if there was[1] it wouldn't matter as
Cygwin can't run Linux binaries anyway.  Cygwin emulates Linux at the
source level, not the binary level.

If you want to use the Intel Fortran compiler with Cygwin you must use
the Windows version, which is probably not what you want to hear because
the Windows version is not free.  If you want a modern and free Fortran
compiler that works with Cygwin you should use gfortran.


[1] Yes, cygcheck can do something similar to ldd but that's not
relevant here.

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