cygserver 1.5.25-15 slows down logoff

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Oct 15 14:42:00 GMT 2008

On Oct  2 11:59, Sybille Ebert wrote:
> >> The problem also appears in sshd service, eventhough it does not depend
> >> on cygserver. I installed sshd using ssh-host-config and manually
> >> stopped cygserver. And even with only sshd running, there was still a
> >> long delay at logoff/shutdown!
> > 
> > Which shows that the delay isn't cygserver specific, but occurs in the
> > cygwin DLL somehow.  I'm somewhat low on time right now but I'll look
> > into this at one point. 
> Thank you. Please let me know if I could be of any assistance.
> > For a start, can you make absolutely sure that this effect isn't related
> > to some third party product?  Did you try to find if there's some
> > interferring badly on that machine?
> > See also
> I've eliminated as much external factors as I possibly could. Nothing
> from the list applies to me. I can reproduce the problem on a clean
> install of Windows 2003 SP2 64-bit on VMWare Workstation.

I can reproduce it, too.  However, I can not reproduce it on Windows
Server 2008 x64 so it seems a problem of the NT 5.2 kernel alone.
I tried debugging and changed a couple of places in the DLL as well
as in cygrunsrv trying to track it down.  The hang does not occur in
Cygwin code, afaics, but in OS code and changing related parts of the
custom console handling doesn't change anything.  That's all I can do
for now, sorry.


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