Problem to open big selfextracting Zip files from bash - starting from scratch :-)

Christopher Faylor
Wed Oct 15 02:23:00 GMT 2008

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 04:10:05PM +0200, Dirk Napierala wrote:
> Dave Korn schrieb:
>> Dirk Napierala wrote on 14 October 2008 14:00:
>>   [SNIP]
>>One of the main reasons you get so few replies is because nobody can
>>find what you're actually saying among the mass of redundant and
>>illegibly-formatted quotes and quotes of quotes in all your posts.  If
>>you make it needlessly hard to get the information, fewer people will
>>bother trying.
>>Did you tell us what factors you /are/ allowed to change yet, out of
>>the DLL, the SFXs, the process that generates them and the process that
>>executes them?
>We may change any OS setting if needed.  Apply regkeys as a
>fix/workaround, install another version of cygwin.  What you mentioned
>above is out of our control.  Basically we can try doing anything on
>the OS.

Changing an OS setting is one thing that you specifically said you
couldn't do here:

So which is it then?  Unable or reluctant?


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