Strange crash for application linked to cygwin libraries.

Mark Geisert
Wed Oct 15 01:19:00 GMT 2008

Peter Ross writes:
> I've written an application which does some initialization and then
> does a tcp accept.  5 minutes and 20 seconds give or take after doing
> the tcp.accept the application aborts with exit code 0.  If I
> continually send tcp data to this application then the crash doesn't
> occur, it is only after 5 minutes and 20 seconds of waiting for I/O.
> Here is the complete list of libraries that I use  -lodbc32 -lole32
> -lraptor -lxslt -lcurl -lz -lxml2 -ldb -lssl -lcrypto -lexpat
> -lwsock32

You haven't supplied the canonical problem report info as requested in...

> Problem reports:       <> only WAGs come to mind:  Try it without using wsock32.  Cygwin has its 
own implementation of the TCP/IP networking functions and there might be 
unpleasant mixing of semantics when wsock32 is explicitly linked in.

Something else you could try is running the app under strace to see if anything 
obviously erroneous sticks out.

Most helpful of all for debugging this would probably be a <


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